The MARK.SPACE team is distinguished by entrepreneurship and dedication to what they do. Our experts have more than 10 years of experience in IT-development, graphic and 3D-design, Big Data management, analytics, mathematics, marketing, international relations and sociology. Our multinational team consists of professionals from 10 countries, fluent in 16 different languages.

MARK.SPACE is a team of like-minded people; enthusiasts who are passionate about a common cause, connected by common interests, moral principles, values and a similar active life position.

Our team has clear goals, and relations between people in the company are characterized by a high degree of trust. Decisions are made on the basis of consensus or, if there are alternatives, after obtaining the consent of all team members.

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MARK.SPACE always requires a functional and attractive website to keep things interesting for clients and users. Front end development is crucial to this concept. If you the front-end developer we are looking for? Apply at MARK.SPACE an get an opportunity to become a MARK.SPACE team member and fully support our company’s vision.


Security for MARK.SPACE is more important now than ever before, especially after the platform launch. And since we’re building an entire online ecosystem, it’s important to have everything in place to avoid data breaches. Did you know that around 70% of known attacks occurred in what is known as the back-end. Do you have what it takes to take up this role? Apply at MARK.SPACE an get an opportunity to become a MARK.SPACE team member!