Dear MARK.SPACErs, Friends, and Followers!

During the time that we’ve been on this road together, we managed to achieve great success. Some will say that our achievements are trivial, others, on the contrary, will confirm their significance. In any case, we are proud of our technological accomplishments and invite everyone to take a look at the demos of Visualization #3, following these links:

At the moment, the team has encountered difficulties in the platform’s development, which is why we were not able to provide you with a roadmap last month. In the near future, we will unquestionably publish the current version of the roadmap of the MARK.SPACE platform, as well as the company's business strategy for the next few years.

Just like all of you, we are also upset by the current MRK token currency rate. However, we guarantee that we did not sell and are not going to sell our tokens on exchanges! By the way, speaking about the dissemination of false information – we are very upset by the negative informational background in this group – communication of this kind has led to a negative state of mind of a large part of the MARK.SPACE community.

In this regard, we have decided not to support this group anymore. Instead, the team is launching a new MARK.SPACE Telegram channel. We try to regularly please you with industry news, informational copyright articles, as well as platform updates. We duplicate all the information here, but, unfortunately, much remains unnoticed and we receive complaints that we are either inactive or have abandoned the development of the platform altogether.

Both of those accusations are obviously NOT true! The new Telegram channel will automatically duplicate news from the official MARK.SPACE website and you will be able to see all the news and updates without them being lost in the stream of comments and unnecessary links.
If you have constructive criticism, suggestions, or any questions, and you have not found the right answer in the FAQ section on the official MARK.SPACE website, we will be happy to provide answers by e-mail:

Here's the link to the news channel:

Thank you for being with us.