We have made a breakthrough with visualisation 2 (launch was initially planned for 03.2019). This means that it is already possible to work with 3D objects.

It's still at an early stage of development, but we decided to share it with our users. We invite you to join us in improving the platform.

Thank you for waiting!


Use the MARK.SPACE constructor to create mind-bending and unique VR-compatible spaces, or virtual buildings. A building may contain one or several rooms, each of which the user creates in a chosen interior design. For this, one or more units should be acquired. The constructor will help to create a building, organize its interior, determine the number of rooms and their location, select the building’s exterior and rooms, arrange furniture and decorative elements.

The user himself determines the future functionality of the building, be it a residency, retail or office space, VR-compatible business representation, rental space, organization of exhibition activities, educational activities, gaming spaces (games, creation of communities).




Large interior objects, which need to be bypassed. These objects cannot move independently as their movement is possible only at impact by other objects.




Avatars move exclusively in accordance with the user's behavior in the vr-space. Avatars are fully controlled by the user. Avatars cannot walk through furniture, but can move around it. Avatars can pass through each other, otherwise their placement in vr-spaces would be impossible.



Any pseudo-living creatures controlled by the server part of the platform. Users can't directly influence their pets. However, they can create events that will impact their pets' behavior. All pets are equipped with A.I. (artificial intelligence), which allows them to move by certain logic. Pets are the only beings that move thanks to their own A.I.



Objects that are significantly smaller than furniture. Items cannot prevent the movement of avatars or pets. Example: "trash bin"; such objects cannot move independently, they respond to events created by users or pets. Items follow a strictly defined logic.



Doors, as well as windows, stairs and elevators, are a kind of portal between boxes. A "portal" allows users (their avatars) to transit from one box into another, and also exit to the street and come back inside. However, if for avatars the doors are a “portal”; for other objects they are just a wall.


You can decorate your boxes using special tools and hotkeys:

Moving along the base surface

Distancing from base surface

Rotation around an axis perpendicular to the base surface

Rotation around an axis parallel to the base surface

Deleting an object

Object cloning

Object Color Change

Object Material Change