MARK.SPACE is an international 3D, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies and products developer. The company was founded in 2014 and specializes in creating an alternative reality, accessible in any browser and device without prior installation or registration. The MARK.SPACE platform is compatible with any VR-headset. This is a world in which there are shops, offices, banks, cinemas, clubs, communities of interest, and personal spaces.



Throughout all our creations and developments


When it comes to company values and mankind as a whole, we must stay close to reality to prevent illusive thinking 


These are two main goals our product has for people in general and each individual in particular


Our business deals with future technologies, because we care about future generations


Being valuable to our partners and community by proving we are the best at what we do

Our main product is a 3D, VR, AR platform for representatives of business, e-commerce, and communities of interest. Each user can create their own 3D VR and AR-compliant site and become the owner of a virtual real estate. Virtual real estate objects with open source and registration of the rights to their property are supported by Blockchain technology. This ensures the security of personal data.

MARK.SPACE takes pride in its approach to the development of 3D, VR and AR infrastructures, and also in the fact that our product is always aimed at the highest quality for the end user. The MARK.SPACE universe is created by complex mathematical calculations, rather than by ordinary programming.


One of the most powerful features of the MARK.SPACE platform is the ability to create any custom objects, interactive software components or even entire spaces like a store within the MARK. SPACE Shopping District, complete with desired functionality. This is achieved by using the language we have developed specifically for this purpose. MARK.SPACE OBJECT SCRIPTING LANGUAGE, or simply MOSL, is a language similar to JavaScript for creating objects within MARK.SPACE, allowing the implementation of:

  • Visual presentation of an object in 3D

  • Movement of an object in 3D 

  • Visual effects of an object 

  • Showing content when interacting with an object 

  • Content control function when interacting with an object 

  • Custom functionality of an object

MOSL allows not only the display of objects in 3D spaces, but also the implementation of particular use cases with an object as desired by the object creator. 

It allows APIs to be called from a personal objects directory, the MARK.SPACE API, or the API of financial transactions using MRK tokens, rendering API, other APIs as well as third parties’ APIs.


MARK.SPACE consists of cities that, according to certain rules, a community, company or person can create on their own. The number of cities in the system is unlimited. A city is a virtual space with a maximum estimated area of 713,440,000 m2, which is divided into districts, blocks and units. 

The owner of a city establishes the rules for registration, the sale and rental cost of units, as well as transaction commissions and conditions for advertising; the owner retains the right to the domain name. 

Minimum city values:

  • In one city - 35 districts
  • In one district - 260 units
  • In one unit - 1 box

Maximum city values:

  • In one city - 35 districts
  • In one district - 260 units
  • In one unit - 35 boxes

Total in one city:

  • 35 districts
  • 318,500 units
  • 11,147,500 boxes

What is a

A space with a maximum estimated area of 20,384,000m2, divided into districts and units. A city can have an exclusive owner, who: establishes their own rules for the sale and lease of units; determines what types of units may enter the area; creates or digitizes the basic design of the city (districts can have one basic or different designs); can connect the city to its own domain name.


Whether you are a business owner, designer, retail shop, service provider, or regular user: choose from a rich variety of our beautiful and highly realistic 3D renders to create your own VR and AR-compatible web space. 

You wish to create an exact copy of your existing shop, office, or apartment, or you have your own vision of how your virtual space should look? We can recreate any real-life location, or build any custom, original design from scratch.